Thursday, 23 November 2017

Matoua X

In term 3 for Enviro Planning Day we had Matoua X come and show us how to make re-usable bags from old Tee shirts. It was a lot of fun and it is very easy so we can make it whenever.
First we would lye the shirt down flat.
Next if there is a collar then cut that out so you have a bigger neck.
After that you cut off the sleeves at the line where it has been sewed together to make the handles.
Now at the bottom of the shirt cut strips the width and length of your finger and continue flattening the shirt.
Last of all tie the top and bottom strip of the shirt into a knot, the very first and last strip needs to be cut down the middle so that you can tie it properly.
You have now finished your bag.

I really enjoyed doing this and involving the younger students.

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