Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Hockey 2017

This year we have been doing hockey in our class. Today (9/08/17) we learnt to do a straight dribble, criss-cross dribble and a left handed dribble on our right side. We also learnt how to balance the hockey ball on the stick. After about a minute we tried juggling the ball on the flat side of the stick as well as on the edge. Joseph (more commonly known as Jofish)  showed us some really cool tricks. Around the world, swap sides, and he said if you feel really good you can juggle the ball and through it up with the stick, make the stick flip twice and continue bouncing the ball on the stick. It was out of this world. I found that juggling the hockey ball on the edge of the hockey stick a lot easier than on the flat side. Near the end of our session we played a game and you had to get rid of other people's balls and by the time Jofish counts down if you don't have a ball. I had heaps of fun.

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