Friday, 30 June 2017

My Science Fair 2017

Science Fair 30th of June 2017

This term my science board has now been completed and my hypothesis is partially correct. When I looked at the results the E. Coli, Nitrite and Nitrate had not increased or decreased after Te Awamutu, from before the town. I found it interesting that Te Awamutu didn't make a difference to the results. To get a very accurate result the samples need to be taken frequently over a period of time, to really find out the average amount of Nitrate, Nitrite and E. Coli. 

I have noticed that from after Te Awamutu the amount of E. Coli  and Nitrite has dropped and the Nitrate has increased. The decreasing amount of E. Coli is possibly due because of the Riparian planting downstream that all the farmers are doing. The results show that the amount of E. Coli has increased from Sample 1A to Sample 2.  I found out that Peat soils hold more water than Maeroa Ash and Sand. Peat soils contribute to the amount of Nitrate in the water.

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