Monday, 3 April 2017

Integrity Games

Integrity Games

This integrity games have been a great success for the '4 shades of Awesomeness' group. I have been working very hard to make it simple and easy to understand for this age group.  The simplified version of volleyball twist was much more easier to play. Teamwork was a very important part of creating the game. We had a few hiccups, we needed to reunite a couple of times. Eventually got it back together. IT was definitely worth it. I knew that things in the game needed to be changed and I needed my team mates to help me do that. Everyone played a part in the Integrity Games. We had to fluently work to make it sooth and easily understandable for the kids to understand the rules, I had to explain the rules differently so suit each group. Everyone participated in the Volleyball twist and surprisingly in the weirdest stretch competition. I enjoyed my time and it was great to spend it with Ella, Julia and Olivia. We needed to tweak the Volleyball rules to enhance it, otherwise it was good. I need to work on my instruction giving skills to help them understand more easily. We think we should explain throughout the game so we can play more and be able to finish later before the bell for rotation rang. At half time we let them go and get a drink last one back was a rotten 2000 year old egg. (This definitely encouraged them). One group were exceptional in having fun and participating. A couple of unhappy attitudes but the rest of the group helped them with that. Each of us kept doing the 'chicken crossing the road' act but instead it was 'chickens and swag guys crossing the volleyball net. It definitely gave the Tawa team kids a laugh or a giggle. No complaints against the game. They didn't get distracted. One team were able to beat their own score when they had to swap sides. These kids were in Group F. Everyone came in to have high-5's at the end of the game. Can't wait to do it again. 

Asarina Johnson 

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