Friday, 17 March 2017


My first time Snurfing  crash.jpg
(Snurfing was found on Wikipedia)

Stiff boots mold my feet, walking limply across the snow. Strapping into the snowboards gripping braces, uncomfortably placing one foot on the board and remaining for the rest of the lesson. I thought it was quite simple but turned out more complicated than I thought. Stopping as well as the J-turn was actually hard to stay standing. Crippling snow smooths out to a sloping wonderland dotted with tourists and people smothering, by forming patches of groups learning to glide to the bottom of Happy Valley.
Painful ankles throb in the painful board straps. Interfering with my emotions the unobvious presence of a person coming out of nowhere. Jamming the trail that I am following down the mountainside. Toying with my mind  ‘What the heck was that for’ Slamming myself in the snow to dodge the bombardment in front of me.

Falling down over and over and just thinking ‘This is just not worth it.’ Annoying myself, trying again and again. I wait at the bottom of Happy Valley and just rub my legs (because I can’t touch my ankles which is the actual thing that hurts). Soaked feet inside the boots miserable lean back and forth just to keep balanced. Faith in myself continued to coach me to know what to do the next time I come down. Apparently repeating over and over, I race my friends on ski’s and always win… Except for once. Real embarrassing… ‘Do not give up’.

Now a ‘professional’ snowboarder I attempt to beat Mr Gemmell. For him- he has no protection except for a beanie, tee-shirt and jeans. (Classic). Quite skilled in the category of turning and stopping down on a mountain’s slope. Every now and then I need to really take action and swiftly miss the pole struggling to hold the heaving cables transporting the cable cars. Swaying dangerously above the horizontal landscape. ‘I really wish this thing would hurry up.

By Asarina


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