Friday, 17 March 2017

Motivation Maunga

Eye of the BeholderPirongia.jpg

Confronted against mountains
Not meant to be moved
Verdant across the plains

Motivation, uncomfortable encouraging
Mystical with its borders
Harder journeys
Not all will climb
A perilous struggle, facing all heights
Harder than thought possible

A disturbance of birds echoes through a valley of mountains

Perseverance takes over
Controlling the mind and body.

Looking back, NO.

Radiance fills a setting sky.
A nectarine ripening while descending.

Look forward.
Becoming stronger.
Boot marks bruise the mountains steep trail.
Staining the landscape of determination.
Worth the climb.
Taking the risk.

Together We Climb,
Pikia to tatou maunga.
You’re seven eighths up.
The Summit is near.

Looking through the
Eye of the Beholder.

Written by Asarina Johnson


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