Friday, 31 March 2017

ASB Financial Literacy 31.03.17

ASB Financial Literacy

On Tuesday Callum from ASB came to Pirongia School and taught us about saving our money which we either earn ourselves or given to us. Everybody has to earn money otherwise nobody would get money to live off. We learnt a simple equation: Earn-Spend=Save. When you earn money you must pay GST ( Goods and Services Tax).  Usually this is for paying bills or food. Each of us learnt about a money pillow. It is handy to have this when you go travelling and when you find hidden costs you can pay them and still have enough money. Financial Literacy is helping kids to be safe and smarter with money. We figured out that McDonald's newbie's only need to be trained for a week until they've learnt pretty much all they need to know. Inquisitively, people in the class asked very good questions to Callum (ASB). Everybody has learnt how to keep money safe and to watch out for hidden costs and to make sure you make the correct decisions.


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