Friday, 17 March 2017



Overseas experiences have been a lowly travel on a jolting aircraft heading to our destination. Turbulence unwilling to play with the unsatisfying mobile slowly passing by. For now it was a smooth ride. Disturbed senses a catastrophic meal bringing itself towards my seat with mum and dad.  Unfortunately they were a drift not hearing a single thing with headphones fluently bringing fake sound, incapable of moving the minds of my parents. Feeling abandoned a burp needed to be released. Bursting my insides if a balloon (which I wasn’t) and complaining with waving arms. A much needed hug was the only thing that would make me believe that they loved me.
Cattle class was not for me (even though I lived on a farm) I didn’t like it.  32,000 feet below was a miniature land of contemporary creatures which were not able to be identified.    

Allowance to move was a strict No! So I started watching a movie, later a man walked past and collapsed next to me, he was having a major heart attack. Thankfully sitting in front of me a female doctor who jumped from her seat and started CPR. Breathing into his mouth she asked me to hold his wrist to see if the pulse returned.
The pilot had to make an emergency landing on the remote island of Samoa.
The plane now falling… upwards! They rushed him to hospital (even though the lady had already gotten him breathing again). During this commotion the rest of the passengers, including me got to go to a five star rated hotel and lounged on an island beach.  

(This story is highly exaggerated)!!
By Asarina

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