Friday, 31 March 2017

ASB Financial Literacy 31.03.17

ASB Financial Literacy

On Tuesday Callum from ASB came to Pirongia School and taught us about saving our money which we either earn ourselves or given to us. Everybody has to earn money otherwise nobody would get money to live off. We learnt a simple equation: Earn-Spend=Save. When you earn money you must pay GST ( Goods and Services Tax).  Usually this is for paying bills or food. Each of us learnt about a money pillow. It is handy to have this when you go travelling and when you find hidden costs you can pay them and still have enough money. Financial Literacy is helping kids to be safe and smarter with money. We figured out that McDonald's newbie's only need to be trained for a week until they've learnt pretty much all they need to know. Inquisitively, people in the class asked very good questions to Callum (ASB). Everybody has learnt how to keep money safe and to watch out for hidden costs and to make sure you make the correct decisions.


Friday, 24 March 2017


Asarina’s Reflection 24th of March 2017

This past week has been very jumbled up since I was away in Ohope on Monday and Tuesday. My feelings for the work that we have been doing in class are all okay the writing was quite fun thinking of similes and metaphors for the poem of describing something to something else. Math was questionable I needed some help for the first few minutes but I got the hang of it and helped other people out when they needed it. Reading: I haven’t really done anything for that except for the reading comprehension task with the Sandwich Fillings. (That was quite funny). I really enjoyed my Volleyball Integrity builder fun game. Lots of people joined in and it was great fun. Whoever joined in needed to read my instructions and Ben P was the ref.  I have been doing what I can to get things done. For tech arts I finished my receipt file made from wire. Next I need to finish sanding my Push me in, Pull me out. I am helping make the slideshow for Group B’s Visual art presentation with Connor. I am just really bummed out that I can’t do band, I hope Mr Gemmell gets better soon.

Friday, 17 March 2017


Hydrangea macrophylla

Blooming effulgent
hydrangea.jpgUncovering secret beauty.white-hydrangeas-extraweb.jpg

Pure white
Cleansing my garden

Soft Pink
Transcendent Purple.

Sublime Blue
Bowing towards the sun.

By Asarina


My first time Snurfing  crash.jpg
(Snurfing was found on Wikipedia)

Stiff boots mold my feet, walking limply across the snow. Strapping into the snowboards gripping braces, uncomfortably placing one foot on the board and remaining for the rest of the lesson. I thought it was quite simple but turned out more complicated than I thought. Stopping as well as the J-turn was actually hard to stay standing. Crippling snow smooths out to a sloping wonderland dotted with tourists and people smothering, by forming patches of groups learning to glide to the bottom of Happy Valley.
Painful ankles throb in the painful board straps. Interfering with my emotions the unobvious presence of a person coming out of nowhere. Jamming the trail that I am following down the mountainside. Toying with my mind  ‘What the heck was that for’ Slamming myself in the snow to dodge the bombardment in front of me.

Falling down over and over and just thinking ‘This is just not worth it.’ Annoying myself, trying again and again. I wait at the bottom of Happy Valley and just rub my legs (because I can’t touch my ankles which is the actual thing that hurts). Soaked feet inside the boots miserable lean back and forth just to keep balanced. Faith in myself continued to coach me to know what to do the next time I come down. Apparently repeating over and over, I race my friends on ski’s and always win… Except for once. Real embarrassing… ‘Do not give up’.

Now a ‘professional’ snowboarder I attempt to beat Mr Gemmell. For him- he has no protection except for a beanie, tee-shirt and jeans. (Classic). Quite skilled in the category of turning and stopping down on a mountain’s slope. Every now and then I need to really take action and swiftly miss the pole struggling to hold the heaving cables transporting the cable cars. Swaying dangerously above the horizontal landscape. ‘I really wish this thing would hurry up.

By Asarina



Skills of the Snowboard

To Board:
Learn from the Cheetah
Who swiftly manoeuvres
Unleashing the wild applause
Of pride within.

Snow.jpgTo Glide:
Learn from the wind,
Who defeats the boundary
Of unlimited success.
Destroy the feeling of anxiety.

To Stop:
Learn from a mountain
Who pauses forever,
Sloping towards a destiny
Be free to give happiness.

To Flip:
Learn from the eagle who
Strides through the sky,
Dainty but skilled in profession,
Leave the fear behind.

To Twist:
Learn from the vines
Who dedicate themselves to grip,
Growing up to become
Rich in faith.

Written By Asarina Johnson




Overseas experiences have been a lowly travel on a jolting aircraft heading to our destination. Turbulence unwilling to play with the unsatisfying mobile slowly passing by. For now it was a smooth ride. Disturbed senses a catastrophic meal bringing itself towards my seat with mum and dad.  Unfortunately they were a drift not hearing a single thing with headphones fluently bringing fake sound, incapable of moving the minds of my parents. Feeling abandoned a burp needed to be released. Bursting my insides if a balloon (which I wasn’t) and complaining with waving arms. A much needed hug was the only thing that would make me believe that they loved me.
Cattle class was not for me (even though I lived on a farm) I didn’t like it.  32,000 feet below was a miniature land of contemporary creatures which were not able to be identified.    

Allowance to move was a strict No! So I started watching a movie, later a man walked past and collapsed next to me, he was having a major heart attack. Thankfully sitting in front of me a female doctor who jumped from her seat and started CPR. Breathing into his mouth she asked me to hold his wrist to see if the pulse returned.
The pilot had to make an emergency landing on the remote island of Samoa.
The plane now falling… upwards! They rushed him to hospital (even though the lady had already gotten him breathing again). During this commotion the rest of the passengers, including me got to go to a five star rated hotel and lounged on an island beach.  

(This story is highly exaggerated)!!
By Asarina

Motivation Maunga

Eye of the BeholderPirongia.jpg

Confronted against mountains
Not meant to be moved
Verdant across the plains

Motivation, uncomfortable encouraging
Mystical with its borders
Harder journeys
Not all will climb
A perilous struggle, facing all heights
Harder than thought possible

A disturbance of birds echoes through a valley of mountains

Perseverance takes over
Controlling the mind and body.

Looking back, NO.

Radiance fills a setting sky.
A nectarine ripening while descending.

Look forward.
Becoming stronger.
Boot marks bruise the mountains steep trail.
Staining the landscape of determination.
Worth the climb.
Taking the risk.

Together We Climb,
Pikia to tatou maunga.
You’re seven eighths up.
The Summit is near.

Looking through the
Eye of the Beholder.

Written by Asarina Johnson