Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My Montage

My Montage

Asarina's Montage 2016

This year I've had an amazing time with my teacher Mrs Strathern. I have had a great time with all the students in my class. Each special occasion I have put in my 2016 Montage.

Asarina 'The Borrowers' S.A

The Borrowers Film Analysis Essay
Mary Norton’s novel ‘The Borrowers’ was created into a film directed by Peter Hewitt (1997). Cinematic devices the meaning and personality of the main characters. Hewitt has used Extreme Close Up, High Angle/Tilt, Head On and Fade to influence our emotions to understand the feeling or movement in the film, connecting us with the personality of the characters.

In the film The Borrowers the director, Peter Hewitt has specifically chosen an Extreme Close Up of Mr. Ocious P. Potter locking a door. An Extreme Close Up has no distractions in which the audience focuses on the lock. Creating no easy escape for Arrietty, Spud or PeaGreen. This triggers the emotion of tension and suspense, building in the audience. Here at this scene in the milk factory Ocious P. Potter, the lawyer is in power who is easily capable of catching the three borrowers. Meaning that in Extreme Close Up the object that is in focus is keeping the power as well as High/Low Angle.

High Angle or Tilt camera shots were used to transfer that the Lawyer Ocious P. Potter is vulnerable. Only on a shallow angle the borrower children view Potter through the grate in the wall. Causing this the ‘Will’ that Potter lied about was borrowed and he was not in power at this particular moment in the film. High angle or Tilt shows the relationship between Ocious P. Potter and the Clock (borrower) children was very strong, so strong that their relationship is undesirable. Heading towards that there is going to be some conflict between the two beings. Continuing towards an unexpected relationship for Arrietty and Pete.

The Borrowers have a scene which uses a Head On camera shot. A Head On is when a character in the film moves towards the camera that is filming the scene without knowing. Arrietty- a borrower, who forms a relationship with Pete who is a 10 year old being (human). The Head On that is specifically chosen for this event shows that Arrietty is nearing and coming closer to the audience, building tension at the edge of their seats wondering what’s going to happen next. Building suspense and tension for accompanying a human being was entirely against Pod’s beliefs (Arrietty’s father). Later deciding yes to move with Pete’s family causing the children to fall and land on the road.

The Borrower children Arrietty and Peagreen find the Will inside the house and bring it to the new home- where Pete’s family have moved to. On the way PeaGreen falls into a milk bottle. Peter Hewitt has purposefully put us on the edge of our seats to show the fade of fuzz to show how scared Pea Green is when he arrives at the factory. The repetitive timing of the focus shows his fear and as well the glass is partially blurry to view through. PeaGreen is going to be trapped in a bottle of milk. Of course he has already fallen into dog manure and hasn’t changed his clothing since.

Peter Hewitt has cleverly applied different techniques in the film ‘The Borrowers’. The
director effectively created tension to influence the imminent danger around them.

By Asarina Johnson

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Snow Camp Issues

Camp Issues

On our 2016 Snow Camp, we had to find an issue to bring back to school. My issue was queues at Mt. Ruapehu Whakapapa Ski fields. In my slide I have discussed this issue.