Friday, 10 June 2016

Masterchef 2016

Banana Bread

Waiting for my mum, we sit watching the door. Knocking on the back door, mum's face squeezes through the cracks. I stand erect and turn, contemplating the smiling face through the window. Walking through the rain, we carry the delicious ingrediants. Once we were insisde, we were dogs shaking of the water drops. Chattering about, we got to work, inserting each ingrediant at a time. Perfect measurements, perfect food. Time to drizzle the coconut oil. Sprinkle the cinamon and crunchy, fresh walnuts.  

Into the oven, I place the bababababa nana bread. Waiting anxiously, the timer goes after 20 minutes. It's done! We win the class comp.

I love Banana Bread!

By Asarina Johnson

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  1. nice sounds yum😎😎😉