Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Similies Response to James and the Giant Peach; by Roald Dahl

Similies response to James and the Giant Peach


  • Aunt Spikers words were like a blackberry bush clinging to James's mind.
  • Aunt Spongers words were as heavy as a shotput crashing into James's mind.
  • Aunt Spongers size is like a rotten silage bale plonked into a fresh, lush pasture.
  • Aunt Spikers size is as scrawny as a rotting twig.
  • Aunt Spikers face looks like a twisted jandal squeezing tightly trying not to release its gastly frown.
  • Aunt Sponger squashed James like a powerful gumboot squashung a harmless bee.
  • Continuously pounding, Aunt Sponger was like a bulging elephant madly stomping and damaging James's body.
  • The mood of Aunt Spiker was like a knitting needle piercing the vulnerable heart of James.
  • James was overwhelmed with tears because his aunts were as scrawny as a molting chicken.

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