Tuesday, 12 April 2016

School Fair!

School Fair!

Dear Mum,
Thank you for helping out. Mum,
You know, at the fair,
I am so glad you came. Mum,
I am glad that you were here.

We made a lot of donuts. Mum,
I am so proud of me and you,
You are the Donut Queen. Mum,
Everyone thinks that's true.

We had a lot of fun. Mum,
We made a lot of money,
You helped fundraise for the Sports Shed. Mum,
You are my golden honey.

You helped us a lot. Mum,
I walked around the school,
I was selling all the donuts you made. Mum,
You are very cool.

We sold a lot at the stall. Mum,
Seven trays or more,
I know that's a lot of donuts. Mum,
And for once we didn't drop any on the floor.

It was fun with Tim and Jamie. Mum,
We had a lot of chatter going on,
At least we got to work. Mum,
The time was over before we started- then we're gone.

By Asarina Johnson

1 comment:

  1. I really appreciated how much time and effort you and your mum put in to making nearly 1000 doughnuts. They were really yummy and such a treat.