Friday, 15 April 2016

In Flanders Fields

Room 9 had an optional oportunity to do a choral reading we started as a class but people decided to opt out. I chose to stay with the group. I enjoyed practising and then performing the choral reading on 'In Flanders Fields' by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. We gave this poem such respect for the ANZAC commemoration on Thursday 14/04/16. After that we presented the choral reading infront of Mrs Strathern.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Winter Milking

Winter Milking

I lay alone, broken open to the chill of the night. I lay on the Molasses Tank. I watch the cloudless night sky. Gazing at the bleeding expanse of stars. Enclosed on all sides by the earth that received my body. My soul entered the night. Relaxing... calm... gentle... sweetly sensing the silence of stars, staring in suspense from far above. A slight breeze bellows through me as I exhale subtly. The song washes through my thoughts, 'Twinkle, Twinkle little star.' I sigh and smile with a joyful expression. The wind whispers through my fragile ears. A cold shiver wriggles up my spine as I sit up on the warming tank.

Dad calls me from the motorbike to hurry up. Quickly, I call after him as I leap down and jog to Dad. Hugging his side, snuggling into his body protecting my precious skin. Speeding through the snow globe of stars. The wind hugging me. The dusty race dries hard and stable. We arrive at the medium-sized metal gate that was hanging staturesque when the tearing string heaves it to complete perfection. We hear the munching of cows clumsily ripping the grass with their tongues. Chewing and pulling grass for their entisive appetite. "Good night cows," I whisper generously.

Dad and I arrive home at the darkest of night, the moon glowing bright. As soon as we come inside our bodies are immediately comforted with the desirable reassurance that the warmth brings. We hear the creeping and sneaking of minature creatures in the home paddock and gardens. I snuggle into bed with the thick duvet and blanket covering my stiff shoulders. I rest my cool head on my fluffed pillow. After a few moments Dad comes and kisses me goodnight. "Sweet dreams Dad."

By Asarina

School Fair!

School Fair!

Dear Mum,
Thank you for helping out. Mum,
You know, at the fair,
I am so glad you came. Mum,
I am glad that you were here.

We made a lot of donuts. Mum,
I am so proud of me and you,
You are the Donut Queen. Mum,
Everyone thinks that's true.

We had a lot of fun. Mum,
We made a lot of money,
You helped fundraise for the Sports Shed. Mum,
You are my golden honey.

You helped us a lot. Mum,
I walked around the school,
I was selling all the donuts you made. Mum,
You are very cool.

We sold a lot at the stall. Mum,
Seven trays or more,
I know that's a lot of donuts. Mum,
And for once we didn't drop any on the floor.

It was fun with Tim and Jamie. Mum,
We had a lot of chatter going on,
At least we got to work. Mum,
The time was over before we started- then we're gone.

By Asarina Johnson

Similies Response to James and the Giant Peach; by Roald Dahl

Similies response to James and the Giant Peach


  • Aunt Spikers words were like a blackberry bush clinging to James's mind.
  • Aunt Spongers words were as heavy as a shotput crashing into James's mind.
  • Aunt Spongers size is like a rotten silage bale plonked into a fresh, lush pasture.
  • Aunt Spikers size is as scrawny as a rotting twig.
  • Aunt Spikers face looks like a twisted jandal squeezing tightly trying not to release its gastly frown.
  • Aunt Sponger squashed James like a powerful gumboot squashung a harmless bee.
  • Continuously pounding, Aunt Sponger was like a bulging elephant madly stomping and damaging James's body.
  • The mood of Aunt Spiker was like a knitting needle piercing the vulnerable heart of James.
  • James was overwhelmed with tears because his aunts were as scrawny as a molting chicken.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Waiata Assembly Performance

Waiata Assembly Performance

On Friday the 1st of April 2016, Kahikatea Team performed a waiaita that we had learnt at the Purekireki Marae. Apparantly I wasn't there I was at Perth so when I came back I was pretty muffled. Eventually I became one of the best in the class at singing. I quickly caught up to the class. After a month we started adding in the actions to the waiata. I am so glad that it is over. It was really nerve-racking to be watched by an audience of over 300 people.

My Learning Conference

My Learning Conference

This week at Pirongia School we had Student Led Conferences, we had to share our memorised mihi in front of our parents. For me that seemed completely fine. Mum, Mrs Strathern and I all talked about my goals and how I am going to achieve them. Mum was really proud of my art and my writing called Winter Milking. I was very proud of myself when I saw my Mum smile.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Persuasive Writing

Argument Writing - Asarina - 18.3.16

Another day of school, wait a minute... we're going to the museum. Leonardo Da vinci Mechanics. Hmm... I don't know a lot about Leonardo Da Vinci. I bet my friend does. I overheard the kids over there. They were chatting about them being the Da Vinci experts. I am tottaly nto. Going to the Waikato Museum was not a waste of time, we learnt new things and saw how it affects us in the modern world.

Going to the museum is a great thing to do, for a class trip or an outing with your family. What ever the choice, it is still never a waste of time. I enjoy museum trips and I think you would too. Above all. You learnt about the past inventions and learnt the meaning to the illusion between mirrors or the reason of a painting. A museum is just a giant classroom.

Most people get hooked into things like illusion between mirrors or the history of paintings by famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci. We can learn about the simple machines such as: Pullys, The Screw, Wheels and Axles including a few more things. We learnt about the Lion and the Lillies, how it would walk by using the pullys and other simple machines such as wheels and axles. We could learn about the inventions, the paintings, the past of Hamilton or other cities in the world. Learning about the maori culture and their waka, such as the voyage of the Tainui Waka. These are the past events that were not a waste of  time.

A trip to a museum is a time to learn, a time to explore, a time to meet the past. Da Vinci Mechanics teach us about the mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, his thoughts of flight, the self-supporting bridge, the chains and of course, the robots. That's the whole meaning about the inquisitivity in the mind. Leonardo Da Vinci said "Learning never exhausts the mind," thes are powerful words that help us learn and connect  to the past. Mechanics is sought of the same thing as war. People had a choice to learn about past inventions or not. Learning is not compulsary in life. We have a choice in everything that we do. Leonardo Da Vinci's Mechanics had made a crowd smile at a Duke's party. This is an example of friendship. Leonardo Da Vinci's mechanics have helped us in the modern world. They were the first concepts of flight. Now a days it is a completed design and now has been created. Mrs Strathern told our class that this is a very log bridge because she has walked over that very bridge that Leonardo Da Vinci designed.

A museum is interesting,. You learn. You see the past. You find your ancestors. You find family. Da Vinci Mechanics was not a waste of time at the Waikato Museum, I recommend to go to museums because it is not a waste of time because you could learn and study new things, and these things have affected us in the modern world for the better.