Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Senior Swimming Sports!!

Friday 26th of Feb 2016, senior swimming sports day. I can't do everything because of my foot, but still I can swim. First off the 8 year olds get called by Mrs. Hobbs. " I am calling all the 8 year old girls and boys. Please come to the martialing area immediately, all 8 year olds come to the martialing area immediately." repeats Mrs. Hobbs on the booming microphone. Echoing constantly, the sound enters all the contestants fragile ears. From the CD player Mrs. Hobbs's playlist tunes boogie all the students around in between when Mrs. Nasilasila uses the clappers to commence a race. " Ready, Set, clap!" The sound of the clappers are two pieces of wood that you hold that bang together as if they were icebergs that rub together when they connect if another one was a stranger and became friends.

Half way through after morning tea, we're back in the pool, we're doing backstroke " Yah!" I exclaim. Backstroke, my favourite stroke of them all. Speeding off to the martialing area, I sit and wait for my heat to start. I am waiting under the cool shade under the roof of the sheds on the far side of the pool area. Starting to shiver, I rub my arms soothingly, to warm my soaked body.

Next up, my heat. My heat in backstroke. I scrunch myself up holding onto the bar. Waiting for the sound of a clap. I want to give myself the most power to push off from the wall. " CLAP!" I fly as I push my body of the wall into the air as if I'm a bird taking off, instead of flying a slam back in the chlorine swimming pool. Colourful bunting hanges above the 25 metre long pool with the highlight colours of blue, yellow, red and green. I look up to the blue paste sky with a shining yellow highlighter circle that beames through it endlessly.

Splashes of blue and white cover my face as my arms repeatedly circle to propell me through the pool like a jetboat speeding through the shallow water. I am half way through the swimming pool, so far I can't see anyone in front of me. I hope I come first, I think through my mind repeatedly as I race splitting the water into two. My arms start to ache but that's fine I have already finished the race, I gave it all I got. Walking casually, a woman walks up to me presenting a red block on the concrete wall in front of me. I am amazed I won! Straining my muscles I heave myself out of the pool with an effulgent smile as I trotted to Mrs Cullen and Debbie. It seemed like my race was only three seconds, it just went by so fast. I continued to walk to Kakapo houses gazebo as they shouted Well Done! My face was bright ready to bring on the next race, or the people I had to compete.

Endlessly chanting, Kakapo sounded so loud, so strong we could not hear the other houses chants. As the music quietened the houses grew silent the whole pool area was dead quiet while listening to the voice of Mrs. Nasilasila as she would commence each race. " On your marks, set, Clap!" Freestyle isn't my best but I 'm still good at it. I race, I speed until the end. I'm in the semi-finals bubble, breathe, bubble, breathe is the pattern that I am processing in my mind as I paddle and pull. The end of the pool is very close. I made it. Before I was swimming in prestine water with ripple patterns that become bigger as my hands create a fiasco of bubbles and light dancing around on the bottom of the pool floor.

The swimming sports is over no more swimming in the pool. Now we just have to sit in the stinking hot hall with the sun striking throught the double glazed windows that lightly let the breeze flow through. All the senior school students sit in the hall while the certificates are being handed out to all the students that got a placing for first, second or third. We finished at ten to three and all the bus students ran to get their school bags and things then run to the buss and go home. I had a great time at swimming sports, but I didn't get to go to Lower waipa swimming sports. Thats my hope for next year.

By Asarina

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