Wednesday, 9 March 2016

About Me

I am a year 6,
I love sweets,
My name is Asarina
My poetry is a treat.

For anyone who wants to,
Can read all about me,
I am a great person,
And you shall see.

Writing is my favourite subject,
In class I will succeed,
I am a great and loyal friend,
And you will believe.

I am turning 10,
Very very soon,
At my party,
I'll have cake and balloons.

I love to play,
The grand piano- so fun,
I get to play the piano,
twenty-four seven.

I enjoy milking the cows,
Or helping on the farm,
That is one thing,
That I find so fun.

I get interested in the animal tv shows,
Or National Geographic,
That is a thing,
That I think is fantastic.

I will cheer people on,
Till the very end,
That is why,
I make a good friend.                                     
By Asarina.

My Australian Adventure

41o Celsius over here. The Peach-Fronted Conjure locally known as Flossy (left). Taking selfies at Dallin's. (Dallin is my older brother) in Perth. Luckily got air conditioning in living room and dining including the kitchen. See you in 2 and a 1/2 weeks.
Over here in Perth it is very warm in the morning. Everyday is blue sky, not even a single puff of a cloud we have seen since we come here. We have been stuck inside everyday because of the heat. We have been watching TV and playing on the computers for almost the whole day. The only time we have been able to go outside is early in the morning and late in the evening. Yesterday we went to a shopping mall. We parked up on the roof. There were shade sails to protect us from the sun. This week we are going to have this watermelon for desert. Can you see: it is the size of my chest!! Australian watermelons are four times the size of New Zealand watermelons. It is bigger than a basketball and weighs about 10 kilos. Today we are going to explore the Yanchep National Park which is North of Perth. I will send photos in my next email.
Hi everyone. Yesterday it was so hot that we didn't go to Yanchep National Park. It was 42o C. Earlier in the morning all the kids and the dads went to a playground and it was already 36o c. We were only outside for half an hour and got so hot our feet burnt on the rubber matting all the equipment was just getting too hot it seemed like it would melt. Yesterday we decided to go swimming in a indoor pool. Early this morning at half past six we went to Eden beach while it was cooler. Before we got in the car we had to dodge the reticulation and we still got wet. Her is a phot of the sign at the beach which warned us that this is a no swimming beach. When we were walking down to the beach a lady was coming up from the beach and she said that she saw a shark jump out of the water just 20 metres from the shore, we are definitely not going to swim there. This is my first time stepping in the Indian Ocean with Dad and Eliza. At the shore line the water was sandy then further back it was a perfect shade of turquoise then a lovely deep blue. A few kilometres away we could see waves coming from a reef. We could see the rocks as the fog lifted. While we were watching the waves we were making sand sculptures Mum and I made a dolphin which looks so realistic. Eliza and Dad were making a Volcano and castles. We did a competition: Mum and I won. We also had a school of fish following the dolphin it looked so cute.
Hi everyone. Yesterday we went to AQWA West Coast Aquarium. Everything was so fascinating. Guess what: I touched a Port Jackson shark. Their skin feels like very rough sandpaper. I also held a few beautiful starfish. We walked down to the Underwater Viewing Gallery we got to see a reef with hundreds of fish swimming around. Did you know that Corals glow by producing UV light. This light can be seen by fish while other light can't. The colours of our rainbow become invisible underwater. Red, orange and yellow light is absorbed quickly and can only be seen in the first few metres. Beyond this the only light we can see is blue light, giving the ocean its colour. At the aquarium they called this ' Fish Goggles' which I find interesting. While we were upstairs we got to see creatures up close we saw Moray Eels, Young Seahorses, Corals, Clown Anemonefish and Tube Anemone. we got to see some baby stingrays in the turtle pool instead of turtles. We also got to see Blue Ringed octopus it was AMAZING the whole aquarium. I have been to three aquariums in Australia now and I think that AQWA was the best. 
I forgot to tell you. At the aquarium there were humongous snapper. They were taunting Dad they kept on coming up to him. He wished he could jump in or get a fishing line and catch one for dinner. He had to close his eyes to not tempt him to have them for dinner.

Hi everyone it has been a while since I have emailed you. On Friday we came down to Bunbury on the Freeway we saw a massive amount of area of trees burnt with their trunks black and already some trees have started growing new green shoots. The Australian bush is well adapted to bush fires and need the fires to help regenerate. This is amazing! Because you think that they are dead but they're not. We also saw a large cloud of smoke not far from the freeway. We saw heaps of choppers and planes surrounding the fire tipping water over it. We were looking for big buckets underneath the choppers but there were only straws to suck the water from nearby rivers or streams. Once we got down to Bunbury where my Aunty and Uncle live we had a kayak down the river just down the road from their house. Eden my cousin said that sometimes that dolphins come up this river under the bridge and into the estuary out through the man-made cut into the ocean. We had a lot of fun Zim their dog who is at least 2 years old was lying in the front of Eden and Uncle Cliff's kayak. Just before we went kayaking we saw a colony of Bull ants and everyone had jandals. some of the adults had them crawling up their legs or on their shoes.

The next day we had a day trip out to Meelap Beach just an hour from their house. Over there the water was perfectly clear. Everyone raced down to the ocean I was the first one to jump in. The water when I first jumped in it was a little cold but mostly warm. The only downside was my foot I couldn't run as well as that later my foot started to become very painful. That meant I couldn't go snorkeling with the family. Everyone saw crabs, small and big fish. We were going to have a barbeque at the beach but the barbeque was out of order. Another person brought his own barbeque after a while it stopped working there was another barbeque there but it was already in use. We had lots of fun.
On Sunday after church we went sight seeing with our family. While we were at the beach we saw something shining  in the water. It was a pod of dolphins. Their fins looked black with a shining sparkle at the top of the point.  We were all searching for them after a while but we found them on the other side of the beach. After that we drove to a look out tower where we could look over the Bunbury township, beach and harbour. It was a fantastic view.

Monday we went for a long walk on the beach with Zim my Aunties and Uncles dog. We saw another pod of dolphins but these ones were feeding. Above them seabirds were diving in and shooting out like a rocket. A couple of bottlenose dolphins came up close just five metres away from where we were standing on the break water and we were thrilled to see them this close to us. They were leaping out of the water just so we could see the top part of their head and tail. It was amazing.

On Tuesday we have already come back to Perth. It was great to come back to Dallin's and see Flossy their parrot. Kees and Pierce running to the door just to see us arrive with our Mitsubishi Outlander including all four of our suitcases. They were calling our names Aunty Asa and Aunty Eliza are here!! They came running up to us. Later on we headed to the local pet shop. They had heaps of birds and cages on one cage called the Mansion it was in the two hundreds and free cage accessories. We walked all the way to the back of the store where they had a carpet python- a type of snake for SALE for somewhere in the thousands. We looked at the other side of the back of the pet store there were only at least 10 month old puppies. Everyone fell for them. Later on we went to McDonalds while we were eating we played on a interactive table. Dallin, Eliza and I had great fun. I mostly won.

On Wednesday morning we left to the Perth airport but before we could get inside we had to fil the car with petrol ready for the next user. We had to go around in circles just to find a petrol station. We were lucky that we only had five minutes to spare to get onto the aeroplane. Just in time. We were only one seat in front of the one that we sat in on the way to Perth but instead to Melbourne. I watched the movie Pan and the Peanuts Movie while having time to play a Trivia game. I had a delicious lunch as well. It was a lamb curry. Once we got to Alexaans place- Alexaan is my older sister. I weighed myself I was 40.1 kg I have lost 5 kg since I was in Australia. I know WOW. My sister Kimball is jealous that I lost more kg s than her.
On Thursday we travelled to Mornington for the whole day to stay with another one of my aunties. That day we were all chilled and swam around in their pool. It was quite a hot day, so it was nice to have a swim. The deepest part was taller than my Dad. It was very refreshing. For most of the week we stayed up until 11:00 at night because we were visiting family. We had tacos for dinner then Lemon Meringue Pies with extra meringue. It was homemade and it was delicious. Later on Eliza, Maiara (my niece) and I all did a work out in the gym in the bottom floor of their house.

On Friday in the morning we went to play at the Dandenong Adventure Mini Golf course. It was very fun a few courses got really hard, but any way I came second out of the family. I had good fun. Later on we had lunch at McDonalds. I got a Aussie BBQ Angus Meal that was size Medium and got a  size large. It was DELICIOUS!! Later in the evening we played Lawn Bowls it was great because it was my first time. I had a good competition against Mum. She won most of the rounds that we played but I won two times.

On Saturday we went to visit family their names for what we call them is Marilyn and Jeff. we had a great day over there. We were having dinner there. We had a BBQ at their place. They had a lovely sheep dog and her name was Misty and guess what she almost bit me in the leg, and growled at Mum, Dad, and Eliza including me. We were wondering if the problem was that she had never seen us before and thought that we were strangers. To me that was OK. We had sausages, Steak, Potato Salad, Salad, cucumber in dressing and rice it was delicious. We also had Ginger Beer, Coke and Sprite.

On Sunday we just went to church which the family go to. At their Ward Church starts at 1:00pm and finishes at 4:00pm it was great I got 4 sour snakes and a Lollipop.

On Monday we went to Puffing Billy Railway Station. I had a great time We rode over a couple of bridges, and stopped at Menzies Creek Station then Emerald Gem of the Hills Station and  after Indinous Siding. Finally Emerald Lakeside we saw people in paddleboats floating around on the lake. Next to it there was a swimming pool. We only had 20 minutes to eat lunch but that's fine with me. I had a great time anyway. On the way back I wrote a poem called Puffing Billy I will bring it to school to show you when I get back. I have also written a few other poems which my family really like. It is going to be great to see you guys in 2 days. I will send the photos for this in my next email.

Senior Swimming Sports!!

Friday 26th of Feb 2016, senior swimming sports day. I can't do everything because of my foot, but still I can swim. First off the 8 year olds get called by Mrs. Hobbs. " I am calling all the 8 year old girls and boys. Please come to the martialing area immediately, all 8 year olds come to the martialing area immediately." repeats Mrs. Hobbs on the booming microphone. Echoing constantly, the sound enters all the contestants fragile ears. From the CD player Mrs. Hobbs's playlist tunes boogie all the students around in between when Mrs. Nasilasila uses the clappers to commence a race. " Ready, Set, clap!" The sound of the clappers are two pieces of wood that you hold that bang together as if they were icebergs that rub together when they connect if another one was a stranger and became friends.

Half way through after morning tea, we're back in the pool, we're doing backstroke " Yah!" I exclaim. Backstroke, my favourite stroke of them all. Speeding off to the martialing area, I sit and wait for my heat to start. I am waiting under the cool shade under the roof of the sheds on the far side of the pool area. Starting to shiver, I rub my arms soothingly, to warm my soaked body.

Next up, my heat. My heat in backstroke. I scrunch myself up holding onto the bar. Waiting for the sound of a clap. I want to give myself the most power to push off from the wall. " CLAP!" I fly as I push my body of the wall into the air as if I'm a bird taking off, instead of flying a slam back in the chlorine swimming pool. Colourful bunting hanges above the 25 metre long pool with the highlight colours of blue, yellow, red and green. I look up to the blue paste sky with a shining yellow highlighter circle that beames through it endlessly.

Splashes of blue and white cover my face as my arms repeatedly circle to propell me through the pool like a jetboat speeding through the shallow water. I am half way through the swimming pool, so far I can't see anyone in front of me. I hope I come first, I think through my mind repeatedly as I race splitting the water into two. My arms start to ache but that's fine I have already finished the race, I gave it all I got. Walking casually, a woman walks up to me presenting a red block on the concrete wall in front of me. I am amazed I won! Straining my muscles I heave myself out of the pool with an effulgent smile as I trotted to Mrs Cullen and Debbie. It seemed like my race was only three seconds, it just went by so fast. I continued to walk to Kakapo houses gazebo as they shouted Well Done! My face was bright ready to bring on the next race, or the people I had to compete.

Endlessly chanting, Kakapo sounded so loud, so strong we could not hear the other houses chants. As the music quietened the houses grew silent the whole pool area was dead quiet while listening to the voice of Mrs. Nasilasila as she would commence each race. " On your marks, set, Clap!" Freestyle isn't my best but I 'm still good at it. I race, I speed until the end. I'm in the semi-finals bubble, breathe, bubble, breathe is the pattern that I am processing in my mind as I paddle and pull. The end of the pool is very close. I made it. Before I was swimming in prestine water with ripple patterns that become bigger as my hands create a fiasco of bubbles and light dancing around on the bottom of the pool floor.

The swimming sports is over no more swimming in the pool. Now we just have to sit in the stinking hot hall with the sun striking throught the double glazed windows that lightly let the breeze flow through. All the senior school students sit in the hall while the certificates are being handed out to all the students that got a placing for first, second or third. We finished at ten to three and all the bus students ran to get their school bags and things then run to the buss and go home. I had a great time at swimming sports, but I didn't get to go to Lower waipa swimming sports. Thats my hope for next year.

By Asarina