Thursday, 24 September 2015

MOTAT 2015

Kahikatea Team have had a trip to MOTAT. The exciting thing was the Laser Maze. The interesting site was making the marble tracks. Once we started, everyone sprinted to the table of equipment. Frosiking through the widgets and gadgets. We all had to make a track on boards that were covered in holes large enough for the tiny sticks to help create the marble track.The next thing was a TRAM RIDE!! The elderly tram driver was an experienced driver. He told us about the history of MOTAT's Trams and how the engineering of the trams work. He had shown us a couple of the joysticks to operate the tram. The seats were very bouncy and comfortable. I found that at MOTAT was EXTREMELY fun. Especially the CHALLENGE ZONE. There were hand batteries, and musical pipes, AND an Infinity Mirror. I enjoyed our trip to Auckland, to MOTAT. On the way back to school the Waipa River had FLOODED!!! I think that if you like history and old day inventions. Come along to MOTAT!!!!

By Asarina Johnson

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  1. I wish I could have come on this trip! Technology benefits everyone and its so interesting to see how things used to work in the 'olden days'. I remember using a dial telephone. I remember seeing the first mobile phone nicknamed 'bricks' because they were as large and as heavy as a concrete brick....not something you could slip into your pocket! Dad still remembers being on a party line for their phone when he was a young boy. How times have changed and there's so many other things too. Thank goodness for museums like MOTAT that educate us. Clever people are in every generation. From Mum