Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Room 9 speeches

In Term 2 we learnt about argument writing. So we wrote our speeches and we had to pay attention, of course and in a week or so Room 9 finished their speeches. Here is my speech. I hope you like it.

The Boat - Asarina

The Boat-Asarina Johnson 

Once a boat, 
Sailing on the sea, 
In beautiful blue skies,
Saw the amazement down beneath.

All was well,
Until it came,
A storm raging on,
A huge disgrace.

This boats beauty,
All taken away,
By the cruelty of the sea,
All washed away.

The ribs and bones,
All are left,
As green grass grows,
Now the boat is left at death.

No more love and adventures,
No specialty at all,
All there's now is:
Left to fall.

A boat all gone,
Covered in disgrace,
A boat so special,
No more.