Thursday, 2 April 2015

Asarina's Reflection

2-4-15         Asarina: Reflection on blogger journey

Math:FB- Math is becoming interesting with all the new things that we are learning.

Writing:FB- The complex sentences that we are using our writing is making my writing much more better.

Reading:FB- In reading I am liking the plays that we have in class.
FF- I was not able to do my reading comprehension task because you took the books and I couldn’t do it.

Other: Jesse is being quite annoying to me, I try to ignore him and it doesn’t work.

Cyber Safety

In term 1 our class has been learning to be safe on the computers. Our task is to make a Cyber Safety poster or Slide Show about the rules of the Copyright laws on YouTube. My poster is to Protect all Privacy from people, and my slide show is about Cyber safety.
T- Is it True
H- Is it Helpful
I- Is it Inspiring
N- Is it Necessary
K- Is it Kind


Protect Private Information.

The Hydra slide!!

The Hydra slide

Excitedly I bounce to the top of the hydra slide. Carefully wrapping myself into the mat waiting silently.

Below me, the bottomless river awaits. Sliding down, horrifically I fall to my fate.

Hovering, Puffy white clouds drift over the river, now I'm in the comfortable kayak. Skidding, I tuck myself into the envious
kayak as I glide across The calm river.
Now I paddle back.